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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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people are sticking up for the coch. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from south philadelphia tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, i spoke with federal sources today who say that the former soccer coach will now be the subject of a homeland security investigation relating to immigration laws here. but his supporters are standing firm nevertheless. >> goodman. >> reporter: you say he's a goodman? >> yes. >> yasmin lopez is defending the man who coached her son in soccer. 39-year-old francisco prado contrares hat not only facing sex charges for allegedly impregante ago 14-year-old girl federal authorities confirm he's also in the united states illegally. >> he did good job. good soccer and play and the children no problems. >> reporter: does he good job with soccer and children. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: us and immigration and customs enforcement confirmed with us monday agents will act on detainee filed against the
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suspect which means ice will eventually take custody the man now being held by philadelphia police. this just days after prado contrares was arrested for allegedly paying a now 15-year-old girl for sex at least five times. police believe he's also the father every her nine month old baby. >> to pregnant a 15 years old girl this is heinous crime. >> i think that justice definitely needs to be served. if he did wrong, then he needs to pay for that. like anyone of us. >> reporter: fox 29 started digging into the case and discovered the suspect a mexican citizen was captured in 2001 after federal sources say he entered the us illegally. the feds say he voluntarily went back to mexico only to get back into the us again but still as an illegal alien. >> this is not right. this is absolutely not right. >> reporter: it's not clear exactly when the suspect will be taken into federal custody. but we can tell you city
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officials say that he will no longer be allowed at any city parks. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. happening now, convicted cop killer mumia abu jamal back in court today in center city. dozens of protesters took to the streets outside the criminal justice center during the hearing abu jamal is hoping to overturn all the state supreme court decisions against him from 1995 to 2008. he serving live in prison fort murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in 1981. his supporters say prosecutors suppressed evidence and manufactured proof of his guilt. a new jersey rabbi accused of stealing money from a school for special needs students says he's not guilty. iseman enter the police today on charges of theft, money laundering and related offenses. prosecutors say he misappropriated more than $630,000 in public tuition funds that the school for children with hidden intelligence
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received. iseman is the lakewood school's founder and director. philadelphia police are looking for a man they say shot another guy after a fight in the parkside neighborhood. the men were first caught on surveillance video fighting at 52nd and girard of a last monday then after the fight broke up the man in the white shirt returns to the area with a gun and shoots the 51-year-old victim in the thigh. the shooter then ran off. the victim was treated at a hospital it's not clear yet if the gunman and shooter new each other before all this happened. in juniata park terrifying moments for teenager work tag family dollar store. two masked men with guns stormed in last sunday. one of them points a gun at the teenaged employee even put it right in her back. while she was on niece. she was forced to open the save the men ran off after getting cash. fortunately that 19-year-old clerk was not hurt. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's live look from our new camera in wildwood. look at that. we are getting ready for the rifle of really nasty weather
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tomorrow let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. iain, winds down the shore gusting to about 30 miles an hour. it's going to be quite a 24 hour period. behind me you can see ultimate doppler all the winds pulling in from the east from the ocean also circulating around an area of low pressure a big storm to the south bringing flooding rain to the carolinas. this is going to lift up the eastern seaboard and that means periods of rain some heavy for us and that all against underway during the day tomorrow. a few patches of rain with occasional showers moving in from the south during the overnight as well we're talking about warm humid air moving into right now not so warm. 58 degrees in the city. 56 in millville with that on shore flow the winds will continue to be picking up. especially as that storm gets closer. right now winds sustained at 14 in philadelphia. 17 in millville. and in wildwood the winds sustained at 14 miles an hour. so through this even a occasional showers. not a lot of rain. a ten toth .20 of an inch during the late night and overnight
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period. during the day tomorrow, it gets much heavier winds out of the northeast ten to 20 are for this evening and temperatures in the upper 40 toss lower 50s. culling up, heavy rain and wind. i'll show when you the sun returns after that when we challenge 90 degrees iain, we have a draft to talk about here in philly. i'll be back with the draft cast looking good. >> all right. good -- thank you kathy. three days now until that 2017nfl draft is here in the city of brotherly love. as we take live look along the ben franklin parkway look at the signs of the draft started arriving long before this week from the street closure to that colossal complex up along the parkway. most of the city has been counting down for the fun or unwanted chaos depending on how you look eight. we've got team coverage for you name sean bell has got a look who the eagles could pick up but first bruce gordon live along the parkway with a look ahead to this big festival. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain new york city doubt they'll be plenty of chaos and confusion
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come thursday midday but, again, also lots of fun to be expected. the locals we talked to today, well, sounds like they're more than happy to take the bad with the good. better luck learning an nfl playbook between now and thursday than memorizing the street closures on tap for draft weekend. suffice it to say, just about anything on four wheels is going to be a bumpy ride. >> do you have a car? >> i do, yes. >> any plans on taking your car anywhere near. >> heck no. are you kidding me? no. no, no. now, you know, that's just giving your own self grief. >> reporter: some of the street closures are of course already in effect. inner lanes of the parkway, for example. as the draft approaches, more streets will be blocked to make way for a staging area that will dwarf what we saw for the visit of pope francis. >> it's not as bad now, but i don't want to be here thursday or friday. >> the draft event could have been staged at the sports complex in south philly. so too could the made in america concert and papal visit.
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but the parkway shows off the city in its best light. that's important to philly tourism officials. those who live along the parkway, well, most of them have gotten used to the occasional chaos. >> i'm actually okay with it. the only reason why i'm okay because i've got the view that leads on to the parkway, so i get to see the free concerts i got to see the pope and all of that. >> three day draft and attendant nfl experience is expected to draw a couple of hundred thousand fans and generate tens of millions of dollars in economic impact. that remains to be seen. for now at least, notoriously cynical philadelphians seem to be putting their best face on for the expected throng of visitors. >> i think it's great much it's going bring in lot for the city. it's going to be a good time all around people coming from all over. i think it will be good. >> reporter: we shall see. hopefully the weather will cooperate. look tonight at 7:00 o'clock, the parkway will be shut down completely from 20th all the way to the art museum and that closure will remain in effect until very early may one. so keep an eye out for all of the stuff.
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easy way to do it go to we have the entire list and it is extensive of road closures and detours in terms of what you can expect. best bet, stay out of here with your car, iain. >> great advice, bruce. thanks. well temple university should be well represented in this week's nfl draft one of the owls got a special honor today. sean bell is live on the parkway now with his story. sean? >> reporter: iain, first of all, look at this huge stage. okay? they're still building this thing but it is magnifice magnificent. thankfully it will be covered by the rain and everything is going to be good but soon nfl players will be walking across this stage and becoming mill millionaires, fulfilling their dreams and one of those guys will be hassan reddick. if he's there at 14 for eat guess they need to pick this guy. he's going to be special. earlier today he went back to his home city of camden and received a key to the city.
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that's huge. this kid no matter where he's drafted no matter where he goes, he will always be a camden kid. he loved every second of it. >> i've always said that if i was able to get on platform like this, um, a stage like this, once i got myself situated i would always help and give back to the city. so many i'm going to definitely help rebuild and help the youth. >> for has son the hard part is over. months of interviews and work outs with nfl teams are now do done. thursday night he gets the results of those exams. >> it's really repetitive. you kind of, that is correct, sir asking you the same questions over and over. you're being meeting the same kind of people, the gm, the head coach, defensive coordinator. for the most part it's repetitive. >> he's ready to go. great guy. let me tell you this he won't go later than 20. if the eagles don't pick him ball baltimore will at 16. later we'll talk about a guy right in hour backyard who might
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go in the second or third round to the eagles. that's right. to note pass yo. hear his story. great kid. iain, back to you. >> look forward it to, thanks. developing right now in israel the 18-year-old israeli american jew accused of making bomb threats against jewish community centers including some in our area has been indicted. the teen was charged at a district court in tel-aviv for thousands of cases of extortion, publishing false information and more. the indictment also says he targeted delaware senator republican ernesto lopez on friday he was charged in federal court in orlando. the american indictment identified him as michael ron david kadar. unless israel today the country came to standstill to remember holocaust victims. (siren blaring). >> people in tel-aviv stopping in their tracks as sirens blared for two minutes to mark
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holocaust remembrance day. drivers also pulling over paying tribute to the 6 million jews killed by nazi germany. schools and community centers held solemn ceremonies. here in america, president trump delivered a video message to the world jewish congress. >> in the memory of those who lost we renew our commitment and our determination not to disregard the warnings of our own times. we must stamp out prejudice and anti semitism everywhere it is found. >> the president will speak at the national holocaust museum's remembrance ceremony tomorrow. men in construction uniforms enter a watch shop and tell the owner they need his signature. what happened next that had him reaching for a gun. a woman afraid to sleep in her own bed. what she recently woke up to that's got her terrified. and why one college graduate's message to his stepfather is going viral. also, new at 6:00 an elderly man
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robbed in the middle of the day a man with a razor demanding cash. what the man did that led that suspect to follow him home. click click click click click
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click (male announcer) hit escape with great gear from bass pro shops at where you get free shipping on orders of $75 or more. ♪ happening now, lawyers for
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erin frein are hoping to save his life. penalty phase of his trial is now underway in pike county after frein was found guilty of killing a pennsylvania trooper and wounding another. frein's father testified today saying he failed his son as a father. the defense argues frein hoped to emulate his army major dad but could not measure up. a judge today also rejected the defense's request for an emergency competency hearing for frein. prosecutors are now pushing for the death penalty. a major effort today in pennsylvania in the fight against the heroin and opioid crisis. governor tom wolf says the state is getting a 26 and a half million dollars federal grant so that money will help with prevention, treatment and recovery services. state officials say ten people died each day in pennsylvania because of this epidemic. ♪ >> all right. you ready? >> i'm ready if you are. >> all right.
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>> it's hank i'm with scott. you know president trump signed an executive order saying we ought to buy american. my take is i agree 100% it's but it's tougher than you think. two, three, four. went looking for brand new duds today. went to the wal*mart store. i wanted me a streaming eagle t-shirt i'm a patriots to the core, now shirt like that one is bonafide made in the usa, but when i took a long look at the tag on the collar that ain't what it said. let me tell you. it's hard to buy american when it's all made overseas. i want to buy stuff that was made right here so won't you help me please. >> now, there's nothing more i love than football or some herman survivor boots. or some ocean pacific surfing shorts they make my legs look cute. howdy. but then it all began to sink in. i began to get dismayed. because once the tags start
5:17 pm
popping eye i start tripping and where the stuff is made and it ain't here. it's hard to buy american when it's all made overseas. i want to buy stuff that was made right here so won't you help me please. nonow a lot of american cars are made over here lost foreign cars made here. my fox 29 hat nothing finer coming off an assembly line in china. ♪ >> it's hard to buy american when it's all made overseas. i want to buy stuff that was made right here so won't you help, please. i say won't you help me please. i say won't you help me please. i'm hank and that's my take. march was the best month yet for philadelphia's soda tax. new figures released today by the department of revenue show the city made $7 million from
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the new tax that month. that's nearly a million dollar increase from february. revenue department officials say they are confident they will reach the goal of $46 million for the fiscal year 2017. president trump is about to wrap up his first 100 days in office he's going to mark that day on saturday in harrisburg. but before then he and congress are facing a potential government shut down. fox's lauren plan char reports. >> reporter: after a two-week recess congress is back on the hill today with only four days left for lawmakers to figure out a way to fund the federal government or else risk another shut down. >> unbelievable what he has been able to do. >> reporter: saturday marks president trauma pops 100th day in office. he'll have no navigate his party through another budget fight and convince voters he's keeping his word. democratic leaders not holding back on what they consider to be a number of failed promises. >> as a shuttle down looms friday at midnight minority leader nancy pelosi saying the
5:19 pm
president refuses to find common ground when it comes to budget negotiations. even claiming congress was on a bipartisan path until the president intervened. >> for weeks both republican and democratic congressional members insisted a shut down would be avoided. but that came before the white house announced a new round of demands. specifically, $3 billion in funding for the controversial wall along the southern border. the white house today asked on how make or break the president considers that funding. >> we were having a negotiation with house and senate leadership and to prejudge where it ends up at this point would be, work not be prudent. >> last government shut down on the books was back in 2013 and cost the american economy an estimated $20 billion. in that washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> former president obama returns to the public eye giving his first speech since leaving office at the university of chicago that's where his presidential library will be. during the invitation only
5:20 pm
event, president obama touched on the divided political climate. >> because of changes in the media, we now have a situation in which everybody's listening to people who already agree with them and are further and further reinforcing their own realities to the neglect of a common reality that allows us to have healthy debate and then try to find common ground and actually move solutions forward. >> president obama did not critique president trump. didn't mention him actually. happy day star erin moran may have died of cancer. tmz is reporting that a sheriff's office said that moran likely died of complications because of stage four cancer. that report says no illegal drugs were found in her home in indiana moran famously played joanie cunningham on happy days.
5:21 pm
she was 56 years old. no way out. how one burglar got trapped inside his own crime scene. relentless bullying is teen pulled from school because of it. why the girl's mother is concerned for her own safety as well. and why one local woman left her job in manhattan to start making cheese.
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police in new orleans looking for unique burg large he broke through the roof of a clothing store to get in tried to leave the same way. but things didn't go as planned. you see him here break into the store using some kind of rope. police say he did activate the alarm. then attempts to throw some stuff through the hole in the ceiling. well he tries to make clean get away by climbing the wall and
5:25 pm
getting back on to the roof. but not so fast. he falls back into the store. he eventually left through the door. in washington state some residents are living a real life nightmare asleep per creeper is lurk aig round one woman says she recently woke up to the guy at the edge of her bed watching her and her boyfriend sleep and now she says he they wake up in the middle of the night just terrified. the victim described the terrifying moment she saw the guy and alerted her boyfriend. >> i started hitting him, wake up, wake up, and he started to wake up and at that point he turned around and started to walk away. seemed like all interested in just watching us sleep. >> police believe the couple is the creep's seventh victim all the victims work in fast food or coffee shops and they're between the ages of 17 and 22. police department makes history with first transgender officer. why she says she wants to change her force from win.
5:26 pm
a little boy collects donations of shoes for his birthday. the conversation that led him to decide he didn't want any presents for himself this year.
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♪ here's live look at the ben franklin parkway. site of the nfl draft in three
5:29 pm
days. so will the people out celebrating have knight nice weather for the draft or are they going to deal with some rain and chilly temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in just a bit. happening now, a teenager in critical condition after being accidentally shot in the eye. police say the shooter is a friend who pointed the gun in the teen's face. police say a 16-year-old friend of the victim came to the 17-year-old friend's house before school to wake him up and the 16-year-old used a gun and at some ..ed it in his friends' face. 17-year-old tried to swat it away the gun went off. police are now trying to figure out how the teen got the gun and thou charge the 16-year-old. argument turns deadly in east germantown. police say a gunman opened fire on a 22-year-old man just after midnight on the unit block of east penn street. morris kimber, jr. pronounced dead at the scene. police say a 28-year-old man admitted to the shooting. a private funeral today for former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. her then today's every dez was found dead in his prison cell
5:30 pm
last wednesday much police say it was suicide. his death came just days after being acquitted of a double murder in boston. he's also serving a life sentence after being convicted of killing oh don lloyd in 2013. a judge today also ordered the da to release hernandez's family three suicide notes left behind by the athlete. a colorado school pulls a teen out of classes for her on safety. as a facebook video of her being bullied goes viral. fox's michael, has the story. >> reporter: facebook video viewed millions of dimes. filled with threats and insults. >> it was terrifying. >> amanda brown and her family shooting video who they say are two gateway high school freshmen one with a large rock in her hand threatening to throw it at brown' cars. >> if this is the way they're talking to me an adult her mother i can't even begin to imagine the torment that my daughter has been facing. >> reporter: brown has pulled her daughter 15-year-old laney
5:31 pm
out of school concerned for her safety. >> my whole life is getting torn apart because of all of this. >> reporter: laney what starter over perceived interest in the same boy only got worse over time. she says a total of three girls made it their mission to follow even showing up at laney's house trying to fight her and her mom. >> the bullying got so bad we're told once on school property security was needed to keep the girs away. >> but even the extra security did not prevent this. laney walking home last wednesday frantically calling her mom asking for help. >> it was scary because it was all of them against me. >> they had skateboards they were threatening to hit her witness skateboard. >> video shot after laney is inside mom's car is now part of a police investigation. meanwhile brown says school district leaders are considering disciplinary action. she's hoping for nothing less than expulsion telling us previous suspensions have not taught the girls any lessons. >> i just want to go back to school. that's all i want to do.
5:32 pm
>> gofundme page set up to help with possible legal expenses for brown. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take a live look at wilmington as we kick off the last week of april and we're likely going to see april showers this week. meteorologist kathy orr has the timeline in 15 seconds. what a day. damp, dreary, but nothing like we're going to see tomorrow. the heaviest rain will be in delaware and south jersey and in allentown the lehigh valley you won't see quite as much but it still will be wet and it will be cool. right now the temperature is 58 degrees. the normal high is 67. we're not going to be close to that not tomorrow either. winds out of the east at 14 miles an hour. with the ocean only at about 50, 52 degrees it's going to stay cool with that persistent on
5:33 pm
shore flow. it's 60 in allentown farther away from the storm. 58 degrees in philadelphia. 57 in pottstown. 56 in millville and as we go down the shore temperatures in the 50s. ocean water temperature 52. that on shore flow keeping those temperatures along the coast pretty much the same. 53 in wildwood and cape ma may point move and inland to hammonton 56. cinnaminson 56 degrees. this is the reason we'll have a bad hair day tomorrow. area of low pressure just spinning over the carl lines nass. slowly moving toward the northeast. pulling all that moisture into it and as it travels to the north. the rain is going to get heavier over the next 24 hours. heaviest rain three to 4-inches rain will be down to the south but still a chance of a decent inch to an inch and a half across our region. satellite/radar shows waves of showers moving through tonight. so occasional showers temperatures in the 40s and 50s just damp and pretty much becoming windy night as well. go hour by hour. you can see the rain lifting up and becoming much more consistent during the day
5:34 pm
tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. during the morning rush it will be a slow go. the heaviest rain through south jersey and delaware. but waves of heavier rain moving through during the noon hour and during the afternoon just making it a miserable kind of day across the delaware valley. you can see the bulls eye of rain near raleigh but as you get closer to the delaware valley, this blue indicates a half an inch, the purple around an inch. where you see the red in southern delaware that could be up to two and a half even 3-inches of rain. so generally about an inch to an inch and a half across the region. the wind is going to be a huge part of this. wind driven rain because watch these future wind gusts. we're about ten to 20 miles an hour right now. tomorrow winds out of the northeast at 22. that will be a gust in philadelphia. 32 in wildwood. look what happens by noon. make sure you order lunch in tomorrow it won't be a great day to walk outside. 36-mile an hour gusts in philadelphia. 34 in millville up to about 41 miles an hour gusts in atlantic city and wildwood by the afternoon. still gusting to 38 in pottsto pottstown. and close to 30 miles an hour gusts in wilmington tomorrow.
5:35 pm
overnight tonight periods of rain just occasional showers. the temperature 48. so not a lot tonight. tomorrow is really the day this is going to kick in. so periods of rain heavy at times. winds gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour the high temperature only around 58. so if we can get passed that then we're looking good. the pattern changes in a huge way for the draft. so we'll start off thursday. clouds and sun 80 degrees. friday 83. near record warmth by saturday with a temperature of 86. the record is 90 we could be really close. take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. a few spotty showers for your wednesday morning. that's transition day. then we warm it up. once we get into the 80s, we stay there. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday some afternoon storms. still monday a late storm possible the high 82. iain, it's not summer yet. [ laughter ] >> what the heck? >> i know it will feel like it i'm okay with it. >> that's great. >> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. a special photo for several families why some photographer
5:36 pm
donated their time and talents to capture kids and their families just being who they are. and why one local woman left her job in manhattan to start making cheese. a tree has stood watch over new jersey for 600 years. why officials say it's so important to take this white oak down right now.
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♪ montgomery county college engineering students are preparing for a high-powered competition. they designed hydrogen fuel cell powered car what's called an urban concept car and they towed detroit tomorrow to compete in the shell eco marathon america's competition. it's been a long road to completion. years. i tend to get emotional, too, there's been a lot of time put in on this project. excuse me. frustrations as expected. this past weekend has been phenomenal as far as team work
5:40 pm
and just putting the time in to get it done. >> the project is set to help students come up with ideas for better ways to commute. n your money tonight, minimum wage is going up in one montgomery county town. all township employees in upper merion will now make at least ten dollars an hour. township supervisors voted unanimously to approve that measure. part of the reasoning is because the federal minimum wage rate of seven dollars and 25 cents has not gone up since 2009 while inflation certainly has. this will impact employees in the library and parks and recreation departments. panera bread is planning to upgrade its delivery service. it will begin adding 10,000 in drivers. eventually the expanded service will effect 35 to 40% of its locations. the company will also introduce an app that let customers track their delivery and see a picture of the driver. kind of like uber. men in construction uniforms enter a watch shop and tell the
5:41 pm
owner they got to have his signature. what happened next that him reach fog gun. >> police department makes history with first trance jent officer. why she says shell wants to change her force from win. ♪ (gasp) just head & shoulders? i thought it was just for, like, dandruff new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders
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you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. ♪ check this out. caught on camera. a violent jewelry store rob bro in california. these guys are posing as construction workers to get into a conversation with the shop's owner. the situation changes were one of the guys pulls out some mace and sprays the owner an customer in the face. so the second guy pulls out a bat from inside his pants and smashes the jewelry shops toes display cases. the two guys grab what they could and got away in a get away car with a third man. troops overseas are going to be
5:45 pm
getting handwritten letters thanks to volunteer project in northest philadelphia today at the delaware valley veterans home volunteers along with veterans wrote cards to military members deployed in iraq. it's all part of the national week of service organized by the travis manion foundation. a police department in california making history with their first transgender officer. that is spark something change win the force. fox's emily explains. i came out having eight years on the police department. >> christine garcia is the first transgender police officer with the san diego police department. >> ever since i was a teenager up to the day that i actually came out i had always went home on my days off from school or whatever and i dressed up as a girl because that's how i felt comfortable. >> reporter: garcia was born christopher. got married had two kids. but always felt like christine. >> i hid it with everything that i possibly could. i wrestled for 12 years. i was a good wrestler. became a cop. before i became a cop i was
5:46 pm
firefighter. >> reporter: 2015 garcia transitioned from mail to fema female. her wife supportive. i got a flood of 5600 e-mails and 300 text messages the next day from officers telling i support you. you're a good cop and that's all that matter. >> not everyone has her back. last friday at san diego's lgbt center small group holding signs booing her. >> they wanted to protest me getting award because i was simply a cop. and in their view that all cops are oppressor. >> we want her to continue doing what she's doing and that these anti cop activist do's not represent the community as a hole. >> piper smith helped block the protesters. garcia got a standing ovation. >> i've done a lot of work to make sure that our community is respected. >> lgbt people call her cell 2 24/7. >> if they don't feel comfortable reporting a crime to the police to any patrol officers they're allowed to call my response and i have responded
5:47 pm
from home to take a report of hate crimes from them. so talk to them about complaints they've had against other officers. >> she seen progress but -- >> i do dream of the day i don't need this cell phone. in your health tonight a possible alternative to mammograms. since mammograms are not well suited for younger women, scientists have gun looking to see if breast milk analysis can be used to look for signs of cancer. they say they have found certain proteins in milk of women with breast cancer that don't exist with women without cancer the findings are scheduled for presentation during the american society for bio chemistry and molecular biology's animal meeting in chicago. taking a family photo isn't as easy as just having everyone say chese specialsly for families with kids on the autism spectr spectrum. now a group of photographers in the phoenix area lending a hand and lenses they held the pop up pick for families with a child on the autism spectrum who don't always get to capture every
5:48 pm
moment instead of posing kids were just allowed to run around so photographer cos catch the moment. at least 30 professional photographers donated their ti time. president trump made a long distance phone call today reaching out to crew members on the international space station. the president offered a congratulatory phone call to astronaut peggy who set a new us record for the most times spent in space. she's been there for 534 days. joining her on the call was fellow astronaut jack fisher. here's what the president had to say to them. >> that's an incredible record to break, and on behalf of our nation and frankly on behalf of the world, i'd like to congratulate you. >> well, that's actually a huge honor to break a record like this, but it's an honor for me basically to be representing all of the folks at nasa. >> her record will continue to grow as she set to spend more than 650 days in space by the
5:49 pm
time she returns to earth in september. a quarter life crisis for one local woman turned into a passionate business venture. photojournalist bill rohrer has her story in focus. ♪ >> i'm drawn to the natural beauty report roar berks county is a homecoming of sorts for stephanie. >> my family is originally from this area from berks county. my dad grew up here and i spent childhood years here. >> reporter: she converted this 18th century daily barn to modern day creamery. >> i have always been drawn to cheese and cheese making. ever since i was a kid i loved going into cheese shops with my mom. >> reporter: three years ago stephanie left her financial service job in manhattan and started valley milk house. producing fresh and aged cheeses, butter and yogurt. >> turned 25 and i call it my quarter life crisis. i thought that if i didn't at
5:50 pm
least explore it, when i was young, i would never get the chance to. >> reportr: from scratch and with a home cheese making kit stephanie began her new career. >> stop this from spinning for minute. >> reporter: picked up a prentice with a goat dairy in colorado. >> soap of i think at the beginning has been trial and error. i loved the zen to you wal will the of it and the fact that you could spend your entire life studying it and never really have it mastered. this is where we do our longer term aging. >> reporter: stephanie believ believes her cheeses stands out because the milk comes from cow that is are grass fed. >> she's known for her brie. >> this will grow white mold around it. >> reporter: valley him, house has doubled in size. producing about 12,000 pounds of award winning cheese per year. >> there's such a healthy demand for handmade organic food like this. i like the complexity behind cheese. i think that being able to taste
5:51 pm
flowers and grass and hay in a very refine thing a hur recall product is completely unique. >> reporter: stephanie says most of her cheeses go great with everything especially beer. >> the lady slipper the center one is -- just has never met a beer it doesn't like. yeah. >> reporter: perfect place, 116 miles from stephanie's old way of life. >> i don't miss a thing. i'm so content. i'm really happy doing what i'm doing. >> reporter: in berks county, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. ♪ how about this? this is something going viral because this guy actually said something he wasn't going to do and his step dad didn't believe him. we'll show you why in just a minute. new at 6:00 elderly man robbed in the middle of the day. a man with a razor demanding cash. what the guy did that led the guy to follow him home. teenager getting some lunch has his iphone stolen.
5:52 pm
what the crook asked the kid to get him to take the phone out in the first place.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
a little boy in washington state uses his birthday to do some good. rashaun eaton asked for shoes for this 12th birthday. they're not for him. wants people to dough in it them to the union gospel mission instead of giving hem presents he got the idea after striking up a conversation with a homeless man and he says he just wants to make difference. >> you can change the world by just changing yourself first.
5:56 pm
i want to be one -- one person in the community helping somebody. >> so far he's collected about 40 pairs of shoes. a college student's tweet is going viral. the subject of that tweet his stepfather who told him that he'd never graduate. well that student is the one who's laughing now as he gets his diploma. fox's tara asher has the story. >> i was just sitting around and thinking about the things that i wept through to get here and to graduate. and that one thing kind of stood out to me. >> reporter: day von reader gettingetting are ready to grade from eastern michigan university. majoring in criminal justice with a minor in military science. but if he listened to his stepfather, he may not be here today. >> i kind of heard that and it was like, okay. i'll show you. >> reporter: as graduation day neared reader tweeted, my step dad told me it was pointless to go to orientation. i wasn't going to graduate any way. four years later, he is in jail and i'm well... >> i looked at the picture and
5:57 pm
me laughing that's ironic situation like we're in two different places of our lives. that's what you said look where i'm at. >> his tweet has gone viral. retweeted and shared thousands of times with people congratulating reader for proving his step dad wrong. >> i literally tweeted and went to sleep my phone was dead and woke up and charged it my phone became on boom, boom, boom. my gosh what's going on? it's exciting. it is. >> reporter: but the 22-year-old from detroit who is the first in his family to go to college faced plenty of obstacles along the way. >> i came here on a scholarship. i ended up losing it then high to go to basic training for the army and then i ended upcoming back to work hard to get my scholarship back. um, i got family problems. i'm the oldest out of like all my brothers and sisters have i to take care of my family back at home. i'm a blackmail student at pre dom nan the white university so that's a struggle in itself. >> reader who works two jobs to support his familiar says den have a father figure growing up and instead of being angry he
5:58 pm
had nine students formed an organization to mentor young boys. teaching them what he had to learn the hard way. >> living in our values, live, learn, teach. knowing i was living life i was making mistakes but i was learning from them and i was able to teach somebody else. >> reader says he beat the statistics. on saturday, donning his cap and gown he will walk with his entire emu class and officially accept his diploma. reader may be making headlines now, but it's clear his story is far from over. >> just because somebody said you can't do something or it seems hard or it's not the norm, or something that your family isn't used to doing, you can do it. you can be the change. you can be the difference. >> police in maine picked up a couple of kids sunday morning after the miniature goats escaped from their home and wandered into the streets. police officer responded to find a pair of pigmy goats nibble link on cat food in a woman's garage. the officer was able to lure the goats into his squad car where he took them for a sunday drive.
5:59 pm
the pair of goats were reunited with their owner that afternoon. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts now. ♪ right now at 6:00 the countdown to the nfl draft. three more days. have you had it with the traffic or maybe you haven't even felt it? will the weather cooperate ♪ and history going away. a tree has stood watch over new jersey for 600 years. now it's got to go. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. let's take a live look at the ben franklin parkway. the nfl draft just three days away and philadelphia getting excited to once again be front and center in the national spotlight as football fans across get to see our city starting on thursday. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm iain page.
6:00 pm
lucy is on assignment. of course big events like these require some sacrifices like dealing with road closures and traffic jams whole lot of problems but we've got team coverage of the traffic preparations for you. sean bell live along the ben franklin parkway but let's begin tonight with bruce gordon. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain no question about it getting around this area come thursday midday well that's going to be harder than third and long but the philadelphians we talked to today seemed ready for the fun and, yeah, they'll put up with the chaos. >> we won't bore you with the extended list of street closures and detours in effect for this weekend's nfl draft on the parkway it's safe to say anyone driving on four wheels around here will face alum pee ride. time to cross your fingers. >> i'm hoping that i can avoid any mayhem, um -- hoping >> hoping. >> some of the street closures are already in effect. the inner lanes of the parkway, for example, as the draft approaches, more closures and detours will be phased in to make way for


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